ONLINE ODEME is dedicated to help your business get on the track of success and develop a wide range of IT outsourcing solutions for your business needs. Providing our unique IT outsoutcing services, ONLINE ODEME delivers secure, reliable and professional services:

Our effectiveness in matching candidates to our clients' requirements is rooted in our screening process. We do not just take job orders - and fill them - we thoroughly understand the "pain" that goes along with the critical task of ascertaining the essential staff required to resolve business issues. We don't fill openings or find bodies; we solve problems by ensuring a smooth and painless effortless hiring process.

From gathering the technical details and soft skills from the client to technical screening, and in-depth reference checks of our technical talent, we follow the same rigorous process for all candidates and positions. We strongly believe that it is ONLINE ODEME's responsibility to screen-not the client's.

Thanks to our strong relationships with our talent, we also have one of the highest referral rates in the industry. We maintain heavy interaction with our candidates after they are placed to ensure both candidate and clients are happy.